Who we are

We are an independent talent recruiting outfit, representing an established Los Angeles based company that is a SAG franchised, state licensed and bonded, operating for some 26 years. Additionally, we are scouts for various companies worldwide.

Our primary aim is to provide premium casting information to models and actors and to find talent for the specific clients. We am not a modelling agency or school, nor a management company, therefore we do not request any payment or fees from you. As per industry standards our 20% fee is deducted only when you are booked for the job we casted. There is no exclusivity in our arrangement.


How it works

When you respond to an ad we will contact you only if you fit the criteria, and are a good match for the position. If you are not selected, one of the main reasons is that you did not fit the height criteria. It may save us both some time then, if you read the job criteria BEFORE applying.

If you are selected, you will be contacted via email to set up a brief phone interview, after which you will be sent the specifics of the audition process. We will then guide you through the process of payment vouchers, auditioning, and ensuring that you are paid for the jobs you book through us. Although we cannot get you the job, we can assist with industry tips and guidance in being successful.


Tips to help you succeed

Keep in mind that too much information is not the best way to apply for a role. Below is the typical format, especially when you submit for one of our hair auditions. Additionally, it is not necessary to send more than 3 of your best pictures. Do not send a link to your online profile unless it was requested.

  1. Read and follow all the information on the website, and ensure that you do fit all the criteria before applying.
  2. If you are not open to having your hair cut, coloured or highlighted, then do not apply for a hair show audition.
  3. If you have any restrictions about what you want done with your hair, that is  understandable, but understand that having restriction about cutting and colouring, but still auditioning for a HAIR SHOW is counterproductive.
  4. If you are not available on ALL the dates for the job (audition, prep & show day(s)),    Then do not apply.
  5. Be sure to keep your name on your email and on your comp card consistent, inconsistency causes major problems, and can result in non-selection for auditions, or non-payment for job.
  6. Ninety-five percent (95!!) of applicants ruin their chances of success due to not following the casting notice instructions. The psychology here is simple: if you cannot follow simple directions in an application process, then we will not be inclined to believe that you can do so in an audition; we therefore will not process your application.
  7. Sadly, a good 10% of applicants, who are well established, perfectly suited candidates, do not get through because they focus more on showing their accolades and neglect to include their contact information. The format below is a good guide to get you to the next step, in these and most auditions.






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