1.I do not have any experience in modelling, can I still apply?

Unless the ad specifically states that you need to be experienced, then you may apply even if you are not experienced. In everything you do, experience is helpful, but if the client is not making it a requirement, then obviously it is not a major selection criterion.


2.Will they be cutting and colouring my hair?

Yep, that is why you get paid the big bucks! They are not interested in playing dress-up with your hair, they would like to demonstrate their skills and products, thus, your hair will be cut and coloured. Now how much it is cut and coloured is a different questions, and we can never answer that, as it varies by the client and the show. The only way to know that is to attend the audition and ask. You always have the choice to make decisions on what you want done to your hair.


3.Do I have a choice in how much I want cut?

Always. You even have a choice in it not being cut at all – by not attending the audition. To repeat #2, a hair show event is for the hair designers to demonstrate their abilities in cutting and colouring hair. It may be slight cuts dramatic cuts, or both. The best way to find out is to attend theaudition, and those details will be sussed out during your discussion with them; they are really not ogres, they are humans who understand your attachment to your hair (okay, maybe they don’t really understand, but they are sympathetic!), and they are amenable to discussing the details before any decisions are made.


4.I am under 18 years, can I apply?

Nope! We can only contract 18 years and older. On the other side of that, we do not book over 30 years old. Age bracket is 18 – 30 years. Human years, no immortals, please.


5.I have done a million shows, and I am the model goddess, but I am 5ft 5 1/2 inches can I apply?

Read the ad, it requires you to be 5’6,’’ if you are below, do not apply. Here is why: when you stand beside another applicant who is 6’2,’’ you will then look like 3’4,’’ trust me! And don’t try wearing those built-up shoes that are 10 inches tall, that is actually a neon sign that you are below the height requirement.


6.I am 32 years, but I look 24, can I apply?

The same principle in #5 applies: sure you look great at 32, however, when you stand beside an 18 year old girl, you will look like her mother. Do you want that? The client does not, so you can lie about your age and waste your time (and everyone else’s) auditioning, but you will very likely not be selected. Why? Because you WILL be standing next to the 18 year old, 6’2’’ girl, wearing flats, then all the realities becomes apparent.


7.My hair is black, will I be selected?

All hair colour is welcome to apply. Light-coloured hair is an easy selection, as it is easy to dye, however, at hair shows, the clients are aware that the world is not comprised of light-coloured hair men and women, so they go for a variety of hair texture and colour.


8.I just had breast augmentation, would that be a problem?

Yep. In a hair show, the clients is paying you to display their talent and products regarding your hair, not your décolletage, derriere, or hot body, so more than likely, if your newly acquired asset is an extant part of your appearance, then your chances of being selected are drastically reduced.


9.Does my ethnicity make a difference in being selected?

Candidates are selected based on their hair texture, not ethnicity, skin tone, colour or creed. Invariably, the casting notices will state the ethnicity desired, if there is a specific preference. Read the notice before applying.


10.I don’t want to have my hair cut, but my friend don’t mind having theirs cut and coloured, can I refer them?

Certainly, we welcome friends and family. In fact, through our referral program, if your friend books that specific show for which you refer them, you will receive 5% of their payment. See our affiliate page for details.


11.Other questions?

Read the ad! I am sure that the ad covers many of the questions that may arise. If it is not stated on the ad, then more than likely it is not applicable.


12.I am not a size 0 – 6, can I apply.

Not advisable, as you won’t be selected, for the same reasons as #s 5,6, and 8 above. The client is interested in their audience looking at your hair without any distraction. They supply the show garments, which are limited to sizes 0 – 6 (in some shows, it is 0 – 4), and if you do not fit that size range, then you will not be selected. Again, read the ad for all the specifics (do I say that often? Well clearly, it is because very few people are reading the ads!).